Kai Lenny Wins SUP Contest At American Windsurfing Tour Pistol River

The 2011 American Windsurfing Tour opened a new chapter this year at the Pistol River Wave Bash event putting a stand up paddling event on the agenda as part of the contest. (pictured Kai Lenny)

awt stand up paddling 2011

With some of the best windsurfers on the planet in the house the event was a smashing success. In fact some of the worlds best windsurfers, including the current Stand Up World Tour Champion Kai Lenny, are also insanely good SUP riders.

Kai Lenny and Zane Schweitzer are both world class windsurfers on top of being world class SUP riders and the two youngsters – neither of which has reached the age of 20 – competed in both events. Kai ended up 7th in the Expert division windsurfing while Zane took home third place in the Youth division.

With $1,500 up for grabs thanks to the Inn of the Beachcomber in Gold Beach, OR. It came down to a epic battle between world champ Kai Lenny and Maui ripper Zane Schweitzer with Lenny getting the title in the end. In a further display of the strength of these young paddlers it was Bernd Roediger taking third place and Bernd is younger than both Zane and Kai!

Special mention has to made of the SUP performance put in by The Gorge’s Fiona Wylde, one of only two ladies to enter the contest. Fiona is only 13 (I think maybe 14 now), but was out there mixing it up with the big boys. NICE WORK FIONA!!!


Pictured l-r Zane, Kai, Bernd



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