C4 Waterman Partners With Inventor To Create Inflatable Boards

Hawaii-based action water sports company, C4 Waterman, has entered a formal partnership with the owner of the registered patent for inflatable surfboards paddleboards, and rescue equipment. Dr. Robert N. Yonover initially developed the technology for the U.S. Military. The two plan to expand C4’s line of inflatable full length, full strength stand-up paddle boards, surfboards, and other inflatable equipment. The equipment can be deflated, rolled up, transported or stored in a bag or box. This option becomes particularly appealing when facing airline surfboard fees or having limited storage space. Inflatable equipment has been praised for it’s reduction in risk of personal injury or property damage compared to it’s fiberglass counterpart.

“Together, we have developed an innovative line of structurally advanced equipment that will change the waterman’s lineup,” said Todd Bradley, C4 Waterman co-founder and CEO. “From state-of-the-art rescue equipment to surfboards and paddleboards, the inflatable technology opens a new book on the waterman’s lifestyle worldwide. Safety, storage, transportation, fun and functionality will take on a whole new level of meaning.”

“Given the compact nature of stowed inflatables, combined with their light weight and rigid durability upon inflation, there is an almost unlimited future for all three sectors: paddleboards, surfboards and rescue equipment,” says Dr. Yonover. “C4 Waterman was a natural fit for the inflatable board technology because they have the Hawaiian paddle/surf/rescue lineage. They make the highest quality products and they are extremely innovative,” he added “It made perfect sense to keep the roots of the inflatable board technology here, in Hawaii. C4 is the perfect platform and Hawaii is the perfect launch point for sharing this technology with the rest of the world.”

Dr. Robert Yonover

Dr. Robert N. Yonover received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry/Volcanology from the University of Hawaii with a Research Fellowship at NASA – Johnson Space Center and laboratory work at MIT. He invented the RescueStreamer survival technology; LIFE/FLOAT Rescue Board (Inflatable Rescue/Surf/Paddle Boards); Pocket Floatation Device; Pocket DeSalinator; and the Video Search and Rescue (vSAR) technology. The RescueStreamer technology is now in use by all branches of the U.S. military, including all U.S. Navy Submarines and self-deploying Day/Night versions for U.S. Air Force fighter jets. RescueStreamers are credited with four lives saved to date. Dr. Yonover’s new book is entitled ‘Hardcore Inventing’. He has appeared on CNN, PBS and Discovery Channel

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