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StandUp- The Movie: The Deadliest Catch meets The Endless Summer. The film (TRT 60 minutes) is an original lifestyle reality based feature documentary that features former hardcore commercial fisherman John Becker, a 48-year old all-American (the guy next door), who became one of the fastest stand up paddlers in America.

Stand Up Paddling is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world and is considered for the 2016 Olympic Games. Its demographic encompasses all ages, genders, and ethnic groups. It’s a sport that embraces the coolness of the surfing culture and lifestyle, but is not limited to just the ocean: lakes, rivers, harbors or any body of water is open to stand up paddling.

During his fishing career John Becker experienced near death encounters and suffered multiple severe physical injuries. The commercial fishing industry that is notorious for high suicide rate and alcoholism broke John Becker physically, mentally and spiritually. SUP not only turned out to be very therapeutic for him, but opened doors to a new adventure that led him to the planet’s undiscovered destinations, cultures and gave John Becker a new lease on life.

Stand Up Paddling is thousands of years old and has been reinvented. StandUp- The Movie gives the history of stand up paddling from a form of transportation and survival thousands of years ago to Hawaiians resurrecting it and turning it into a recreational activity in the 50s. The film contains rare footage featuring Duke Kahanamoku’s first inaugural paddle, Hawaiian Beach Boys, and spectacular rare footage never seen before of paddling next to an erupting volcano.

StandUp is a metaphor for making a change in your life when you think there is no way out. John Becker hit his midlife crisis. He stood up and made a change at 48 and discovered an adventure that will impact millions.

The film includes: rising stars 16-year old Matt Becker and Kai Lenny, 4-time Olympian Jimmy Terrell, 2-time Olympic champion Rich Schroeder, Vicki Mills, designer of race boards Joe Bark, legendary surfer-turned-stand up paddler Gerry Lopez, legendary Jack O’Neill, author & adventurer Bruce Barron, most famous surf photographer/cinematographer Dan Merkel, Stand Up Paddle Magazine’s publisher Reid Inouye, legendary beach boy “Pops” Ah Choy.

StandUp The Movie is a film for the entire family, inspiring, educational, and environmentally conscious with spectacular cinematography. Don’t miss this ride to learn about the fastest growing water sport in the world through the eyes of a man who stood up and made a change of a lifetime.

You can’t discover new oceans without losing sight of the shore.

StandUp The Movie is presented by H2O Overdrive- Innovation in Hydration, and The GlobalTouch Group – a hybrid marketing agency.

Directed by Emmy award-winning Will Harper (Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Vh-1 Behind The Music w/Lenny Kravitz, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight)

Cinematography by Will Harper and Sonny Miller (Law & Order, All My Children, Roxy, Vitamin Water, Lost, Red Bull, Budweiser).

Executive Producers: Randy Olshen, Will Harper

Producers: Will Harper, Diana Sinelnikova Harper

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